1. What services do you offer?

Mason Graves Photography offers wedding, portrait/session, event, and lifestyle photography services.

2. What will my costs be for photography?

Prices and packages are conveniently listed on the "details" page. Simply click on either "weddings" or "sessions" on the Details page, and you'll instantly be taken to each service's respective pricing guide. The cost for all event photography is priced at a minimum $250 for up two hours, and $50/hour for each additional hour past two hours. For example, three hours of event photography would be minimum $250 for up to two hours + $50 for third hour = $300 total. 

A 33% nonrefundable deposit is required of all services. Feel free to take as long as needed to pay any remaining balance, but photographs won't be released until any remaining balances are received in full. 

3. how will i receive my photographs?

All photographs will be uploaded into a personal online gallery where they can be proofed, downloaded, shared, and any prints ordered. A link to the gallery will be sent via email when available. 

4. Why are your prices more affordable than many other photographers I've seen?

My prices are able to remain more affordable than the industry average, because I enjoy photography as primarily a weekend project while holding a full time job on weekdays. The benefit of having a separate full time job is it allows me more flexibility of maintaining lower prices while focusing much more time and attention to detail on the artistic aspects of photography. 

5. What is the turnaround time for receiving images?

Although turnaround times depend on several different things, the estimated turnaround time that one might typically expect is one week for weddings and a few days for sessions. I also understand that images are often needed as soon as possible for events due to social media and press releases, so please communicate any special needs to me when booking in order for me to be prepared to meet those requests. Clients also commonly ask for sneak peaks (especially after weddings to update Facebook statuses), so let me know if that's something you're interested in and I'll almost always send a few sneak peaks of your wedding the very same night!

Yes, all photographs are personally edited myself by always using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For portrait/headshot type photography (especially for business and corporate use), I will also perform facial retouching and small blemish/wrinkle removals in order for your portraits to stand out and impress your clients with a statement of professionalism. 

6. Will my photographs be edited, and if so then how?

If you have a question that was not answered here then send additional questions through the contact page