"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Mason Graves is a resident of Mississippi who's interest in photography began at a young age when browsing National Geographic magazines and being introduced to the world of travel and lifestyle photography. It was amazing how photography could tell visual stories of people and places in ways words could not. So after purchasing a camera one day and setting out to tell others people's stories as well, Mason Graves Photography became born! 

During the week I'm employed as a healthcare professional and enjoy photography as a profession on the side. I obtained a Master's of Healthcare Administration from Belhaven University in 2019 and continuously come closer toward being a master photographer as well.

The majority of weddings and sessions are photographed in Mississippi, but if you're located elsewhere then simply send details via the contact page. Your message will be responded to within two days.

Thanks for visiting,
Mason Graves